PMS Relief Session

$120.00 Inc. GST 60 minutes

PMS has been linked with over 150 different symptoms ranging from tender breasts to extreme nausea or anger.
Women can feel that PMS changes their whole personality and can incapacitate some women entirely. There is a lot of other factors to PMS than just nutrition, hormones or genes!

We know nutrition, hormones and genes all have contributing factors in regards to PMS. However, there is substantial evidence that PMS symptoms may be significantly reduced by relaxation and hypnotic suggestion.

There is research showing that women who suffer from severe PMS symptoms and then received regular hypnotic sessions enjoyed a 60% reduction in their physical and their mental symptoms when compared to women who didn’t have hypnotic sessions!

PMS is made worse by stress; however, PMS worsens stress creating a cycle that seems impossible to break.

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