Stress Management Session

$120.00 Inc. GST 60 minutes

Being able to calm the mind down and see things logically can be a significant help when it comes to stress management. The stress management session it a great starting point for quiet down your mind and let you experience what it was like to relax—interrupting that automatic stress process to help you be calmer and think clearer in the future.

Stress is an essential part of our life – it changes the way your brain and body responds to specific events and can place you in the “fight or flight” mode to make you act rapidly. However, to much stress can cause a mindset change, you become emotionally unstable and unpredictable.

Learning how to manage stress effectively and managing situations that create more stress is the best way to manage stress. Using clinical hypnosis, the stress management session provides the perspective you need to change. It will retrain your mind to have a better way of looking at stress and gives you new ways to deal with it.

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